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UEL visualization and strain energy for UEL

I am only seeing a "x" for a UEL at its first node. And I dont see any other node of UEL. Is it correct or some problem is there?
I also want to calculate the strain energy for whole model(including UEL). But in history output I am only seeing strain energy of Abaqus defined elements under "whole model strain energy". Can some one please help me in calculating strain energy of whole model including UELs 


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Dear mrashidzafar

Plotting of user elements is not supported in Abaqus/CAE. You should check the documentation (Visualizing user-defined elements in Abaqus/CAE - 32.15.1 User-defined elements of the Abaqus Analysis User's Manual).

Best regards,

Emilio Martínez Pañeda




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