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UEL visualization and strain energy for UEL

I am only seeing a "x" for a UEL at its first node. And I dont see any other node of UEL. Is it correct or some problem is there?
I also want to calculate the strain energy for whole model(including UEL). But in history output I am only seeing strain energy of Abaqus defined elements under "whole model strain energy". Can some one please help me in calculating strain energy of whole model including UELs 

How to update solution-dependat variable (SVARS) during iterations

Hello everyone,

 I am implementing a uel user subroutine in ABAQUS. This uel is for modeling contact in X-FEM framework. Thus, it's a nonlinear problem and I need to store some solution dependent variables during each iteration. I know I can store SDVs in SVARS. But this vector will update at the end of each step, and not during iterations. Anybody knows about this problem?

 I really appreciate if anybody can help me with this.



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