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How to update solution-dependat variable (SVARS) during iterations

Hello everyone,

 I am implementing a uel user subroutine in ABAQUS. This uel is for modeling contact in X-FEM framework. Thus, it's a nonlinear problem and I need to store some solution dependent variables during each iteration. I know I can store SDVs in SVARS. But this vector will update at the end of each step, and not during iterations. Anybody knows about this problem?

 I really appreciate if anybody can help me with this.




Define common variables as you need for these or other purposes, then you can simply do what ever you need.


Jiangping Xu's picture

Hi, haghightat, do you know how to use uel subroutine call umat subroutine (maybe other way to do so)? I encounter problem in how to use uel deal with material nonlinear problem.

can you do me a favor, thank you..

Hi Jiangping,

 I suggest first use UELMAT (the same as UEL without using UMAT) and verify that whether your user subroutine is working or not.

Second, only use UMAT and verify the subroutine.

Then, both togather must work.

This is the way that I always use.


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