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UEL subroutine

Help me : Node Print of User Defined Degree of Freedom

Hello Experts,


I have written a uel subroutine where I have totally 12 degree of freedom. Among these 12 degree of freedom, 6 are standard abaqus degree of freedom (3 Displacements and 3 Rotations) and another 6 are User defined degree of freedom. 

I assign these these degree of freedom in following way.


How to update solution-dependat variable (SVARS) during iterations

Hello everyone,

 I am implementing a uel user subroutine in ABAQUS. This uel is for modeling contact in X-FEM framework. Thus, it's a nonlinear problem and I need to store some solution dependent variables during each iteration. I know I can store SDVs in SVARS. But this vector will update at the end of each step, and not during iterations. Anybody knows about this problem?

 I really appreciate if anybody can help me with this.



Abaqus UEL subroutine help

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Greetings to all Imechanicans ! ,

I just started using the scripting interface in Abaqus, and i stumbled into a small issue, I have a sample input file which is a small model for crack simulation and its UEL subroutine, I know how to open the input file  but I don't know how to open the UEL subroutine that goes with it, I get the following error :

The model "projGH" has been created.

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