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input file

Rerun input file with ABAQUS software from a certain time



There was a time i run my input file of 3D model with ABAQUS. It was supposed to take more than one day in order to complete analysis. But unfortunately my computer was turned off, then i had to rerun input file from beginning even running process was completed almost 85%. Is there anyone knows the way to rerun input file from the time it was ruptured? 


Tuan Son

Abaqus UEL subroutine help

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Greetings to all Imechanicans ! ,

I just started using the scripting interface in Abaqus, and i stumbled into a small issue, I have a sample input file which is a small model for crack simulation and its UEL subroutine, I know how to open the input file  but I don't know how to open the UEL subroutine that goes with it, I get the following error :

The model "projGH" has been created.

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