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Linking between MKL, LAPACK and ABAQUS

Hi everybody,

I'm an ABAQUS UEL user. I have Intel Parallel Studio 2013 installed on my computer with Visual Studio 2013 and ABAQUS 6-12.3

I'm almost a begginer in this area. I realized that Intel Composer XE 2013 (which has been intalled on my machine) contains MKL which has BLAS and LAPACK libraries in it.

I tried to use some of their functions (let's say eigenvalue solver and SVD solver). When I'm
trying to run it (abaqus job=test user=test1 int) I'm getting this error

LNK2019: unresolved external symbol dgemm referenced in function uel

LNK1120: unresolved externals

To me, it seems that the problem is in linking between ABAQUS, MKL and
LAPACK. If I'm right, would you please let me know how I can resolve it?

I really appreciate if you give me a step by step solution. I'm under pressure due to an upcomin deadlline.

Best Regards,

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