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How to link gfortran with Abaqus6.14 ?

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Dear Abaqus Experts:


I am new Subroutine user and I want to analyze plastic deformation behavior of micro component.

So, I have to link Abaqus,gfortran,and Microsoft Visual Studio.

I tried several methods by reference to the following link,but I have not yet been successful in them.

Linking between MKL, LAPACK and ABAQUS

Hi everybody,

I'm an ABAQUS UEL user. I have Intel Parallel Studio 2013 installed on my computer with Visual Studio 2013 and ABAQUS 6-12.3

I'm almost a begginer in this area. I realized that Intel Composer XE 2013 (which has been intalled on my machine) contains MKL which has BLAS and LAPACK libraries in it.

I tried to use some of their functions (let's say eigenvalue solver and SVD solver). When I'm
trying to run it (abaqus job=test user=test1 int) I'm getting this error

I want to know to do an FEM all frm scratch, how can I make or define geometry in Fortran.

I guess I know how to descretize and further processing but how can I make or define my sample for example(tensile sample) in fortran. 

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"Eclipse" which can replace Visual studio for Fortran/C/C++ debugging,compiling

We usually use Microsoft visual studio's version to do Fortran/C/C++ coding. Many reserachers are facing problem with versions, appropriate compiler or even with copyright issue. "Eclipse" can replace VS in everyway. The advantages are:


How to use felbow.f with Abaqus 6.11-3?

Dear colleagues,

I have a question regarding the postprocessing program felbow.f written in Fortran and provided in the Abaqus manual:

Convergence problems in Abaqus-Fortran

Hi mechanicians:

I decided to post because I have an inconvenience that is not shown in other posts.

I am working in the Abaqus - Fortran environment in a thermal analysis. After implementing a new procedure (which actually works), the .sta file shows me that it has problems in its unique step, more or less in the 60th iteration (it is supposed to get until 500). Twenty iterations after that gets into interruptions because the code cannot converge.

With these lines it is easier to understand my point:

FROTRAN subrountines for ABAQUS in bone remodeling simulation

I'm new in the computer simulation of adaptive bone remodeling (Bone will adapt to the loads it is placed under). And I know many research cases of numerical model were implemented as FROTRAN subrountines for the software package ABAQUS: the bone material properties will be updated by the subroutine.

I know FROTRAN is excellent at handling large data sets for scientific coumputing and requires less resources, but I haven't learned the FROTRAN.I wonder what else irreplacable advantages of  FROTRAN in the bone remodeling? 

Your preferences in scientific/engineering/numerical programming

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project related to helping the everyday researcher do his/her programming easier and faster.

I have done a fair amount of research work at OSU and have gotten a feel for the way they program on a daily basis, but realize that it could be and probably is drastically different on different parts of the planet. As such, I am here to ask the following questions (really, any opinion helps, so feel free to respond with whatever you want):

Umats with Abaqus

hi, someone know how run abaqus models using user subroutines, I can run one umat with one model, but i need to run two umats in an unique model in a simple step..Thanks for you help!!



2D pseudo-spectral (Chebyshev) parallel Helmholtz solver package

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Hello all !
I need to build/use a 2D pseudo-spectral (Chebyshev) parallel Helmholtz solver.
Please is somebody known if a package exist with this solver ?
Preferably in Fortran …
Thanks !

FE routine for Viscoelasticity

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Does anyone have a small strain FE viscoelasticity routine or code that I can use, prefreably in Fortran? Thanks.



Numerical phase modeling of BTO nanostructure using Landis' model with FEAP

  The difference to the common model used is the f,g terms. The 3D FEM formulation has been derived and a new fortran program is written. The derivative matrix is symmetric. But the calculation result does not converge. I have tried every means to get a converging result. But it doesn't work, the residual norm always increases.

stack overflow error in Fortran?

Dear All

I got the following error msg in Compaq Visual Fortran.
forrtl: severe (170): Program Exception - stack overflow
How to solve this problem?

Best Regards

J. Amani

John W. Backus, the developer of Fortran, died

Backus died recently.  This New York Times article reminds us of why Fortran was such a great innovation. 

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