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Postdoc position on digital twins for machines and structures

Are you interested in developing Digital Twin technology for machines and structures? Do you have experience with virtual/hybrid testing and/or structural health monitoring? Are you eager to bridge the gap between structural engineering and cyber-physical system engineering? Then the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering invites you to apply for a 1.0-year Postdoc position funded by the IFD project “Cyber-physical systems for machines and structures – CP-SENS.”

Expected start date and duration of employment

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Electrochemical permeation and thermal desorption spectroscopy by working on samples of mono and bi crystals

The LaSIE Laboratory at La Rochelle University proposes a 6 months internship at master degree level starting from January 2022 which will lead to a Ph.D position starting in October 2022 supported by the French army (DGA AID).

Restriction: The applicant should be citizen from a European country or Swiss


ADMiRHE Project in partnership with UTEP (university of Texas, El Paso) and US army. 

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Two postdoctoral positions in computational mechanics in Ben Gurion university and Ariel university, Israel, are available immediately

Two postdoctoral positions are available in Israel for one year, with the possibility

of renewal for up to three years. The projects will be conducted in AU and BGU, under close collaboration, and will be jointly mentored by Dr. Pavel Trapper (BGU) and Dr.

Avshalom Ganz (AU).




Research topics include:


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One PhD position in multiscale simulation and characterization of polymer composites at Howard University, Washington, DC

The Sustainable Infrastructure, Geotechnics, and Materials (SIGMa) Lab at Howard University invites applicants for a Ph.D. position in multiscale simulation and characterization of polymer composites starting January 2022. Highly motivated individuals with strong computational, machine learning, microscopy and communication skills are encouraged to apply.



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Postdoc Positions at Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China

Postdoc positions are available in the group of Prof. JG Zhu at Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang, China. Those possessing PhDs in the area of solid experimental mechanics are sought. We are particularly interested in candidates with experience in artificial intelligence on experimental measurements and nondestructive techniques.

Open Source Python-based Multiphysics Solver

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Can anyone please point me towards any open source Python-based Multiphysics Solver, preferably with GUI for simple CAD operations and mesh generation ?




Abaqus Python : reading odb file for field frame data


I am running a python script to do some post processing on Abaqus odb file. While running it on Abaqus/Explicite output file I found it was taking more than usual time. And after timing the run I got the surprise that the most time consuming thing what just to read the time value for each frame. I have the script below.

def main():


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FEM Job Opportunity at Apple

We are looking for a self-motivated individual who is proficient in FEM simulation with multi-year hands-on experience of FEM software ASNSY or ABAQUS. The individual should also be an expert programer of numerical simulation tools, such as Matlab and Python.

Key Qualifications 

Selection of element bsed on the location in abaqus using python script.

I'm facing problem while writing a script for a parametric study.
After changing the each parameter the model changes and and the loaction of the interested element changes based on those parameters.
Also the element number changes.
Is there any command in python script to choose the elements based on the location ? 

Thank you in advance

Rajesh Kumar

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Intern Opening at Apple

You will be working on stress simulation of electronic components and sensors with a group of brilliant minds here in Apple’s Headquarters. You are a graduate student with good academic standing majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Mechanics or similar engineering fields. You are a good programmer and familiar with Python. You must be authorized to work in US. The intern position is open immediately. Send your resume to Jeff Zhao (jhzhao at

selecting suface nodes in orphan mesh by python script????

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    I have a 3D orphan mesh in abaqus and I need to select a group of nodes that belong to the orphan mesh and that would have been on a 3D surface of the parent solid before it was orphaned.

   I know how to do this in Abaqus/CAE, but I don't konw how to realize it using python scripts. If there is a method, just like using "findAt()" to select a surface by coordinates , to select all the nodes on a outer surface of the orphan mesh and to select all orphan elements?

       Any tips on selecting exterior nodes on one side of an orphan mesh ??

Your preferences in scientific/engineering/numerical programming

Hello everyone,

I am working on a project related to helping the everyday researcher do his/her programming easier and faster.

I have done a fair amount of research work at OSU and have gotten a feel for the way they program on a daily basis, but realize that it could be and probably is drastically different on different parts of the planet. As such, I am here to ask the following questions (really, any opinion helps, so feel free to respond with whatever you want):

please help in debugging this

please tell me the errors in this programme please


from abaqus import *
from abaqusConstants import *
import __main__

Extracting boundary conditions from output database (odb) file using ABAQUS scripting


I am familiar with abaqus python scripting to create odb files and to extract nodal data from an output database (odb) file in ABAQUS. I would like to know whether it is possible at all, to extract the boundary conditions from an odb file. I guess that the boundary conditions are not stored in an odb file. But I am not sure. Any help in this regard ??

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Abaqus Script Manual/Tutorial

I have written a introduction manual/tutorial on Abaqus Scripting. I got some good feedback from my colleagues. Therefore, I would like to share the manual.The manual should give a short introduction (it will not take more than one hour) to Abaqus script in Python.

You can find the manual here:

Abaqus Script Manual

Via the same link you can also find more information on the connection between Matlab and Abaqus

Good luck!

Engineer/programmer sought for multiphysics simulation software development position in Baltimore, MD

CDI Marine Band Lavis Division is seeking individuals with skills in
engineering and software development in the Baltimore, MD area
(relocation assistance available) for full-time work on exciting,
research-oriented marine engineering projects. CDI is a large, stable
company of which Band Lavis Division is a small, profitable division
with a laid back atmosphere and small-company flexibility.

Abaqus - evaluate stress at point (x, y, z)

Hi everyone,

I would like to evaluate the stress value (e.g  Mises) at a given point (x, y, z) within a 3D model. I cannot force this point to be a node. The problem is modeled with Element Type (C3D4).

Is there a built-in command I can issue in the input file of Abaqus to have Abaqus output the desired value to the output file?

Or, is there a python script I can use for this purpose?

Thank you,

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