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selecting suface nodes in orphan mesh by python script????


    I have a 3D orphan mesh in abaqus and I need to select a group of nodes that belong to the orphan mesh and that would have been on a 3D surface of the parent solid before it was orphaned.

   I know how to do this in Abaqus/CAE, but I don't konw how to realize it using python scripts. If there is a method, just like using "findAt()" to select a surface by coordinates , to select all the nodes on a outer surface of the orphan mesh and to select all orphan elements?

       Any tips on selecting exterior nodes on one side of an orphan mesh ??

Thanks in advance


Johannes T.B. Overvelde's picture

Since you are working on the orphan mesh, you don't have any geometry information anymore. In CAE you can probably use select by Angle, but this option is not available (as far as I know) in the script environment. How complex is the surface from which you want to select the nodes. Typically you can loop over all nodes and select the ones according to some function.

In principle, I try to avoid using oprhan meshes while working with python. 

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