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orphan mesh

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creating a perfect spherical hole in an orphan mesh (Abaqus)

Hello All,

I have an 3D orphan mesh (Abaqus)  that I obtained from the Gmsh software. I would like to insert a perfect spherical hole in that mesh.


I selected all the elements inside a sphere and deleted them but i am getting a very coarse surface, look at the figure attached

Is there a way to create a perfect spherical hole in a 3D Abaqus mesh ( I do not have the part geometry)  ?


I thought something like,  smooth the inside of the surface of the mesh deletion, but I donot know how to do that.


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Pressure load on element-based surface? or converting element-based surface to geometric surface to apply pressure in abaqus?

I would like to use pressure load on a element based surface, in Abaqus. This surface is a combination of small surface elements (in an orphan mesh). But to apply pressure load you need to have a geometic surface.

How can I do this? Is it possible to make a geometric surface using this element-based surface?





selecting suface nodes in orphan mesh by python script????

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 


    I have a 3D orphan mesh in abaqus and I need to select a group of nodes that belong to the orphan mesh and that would have been on a 3D surface of the parent solid before it was orphaned.

   I know how to do this in Abaqus/CAE, but I don't konw how to realize it using python scripts. If there is a method, just like using "findAt()" to select a surface by coordinates , to select all the nodes on a outer surface of the orphan mesh and to select all orphan elements?

       Any tips on selecting exterior nodes on one side of an orphan mesh ??

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