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Boundary conditions

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Defining perioidc BC for 1 element elastic model for Biaxial pull in ABAQUS

For simplicity in understanding Perioidic BC in ABAQUS, I am trying to implement in a single element elastic model.

Material is elastic. There are two reference points defined Refpoint 1 for x-direction pull and Refpoint 2 for y-direction pull. Please find the attached picture for clarity in the model.


I have defined the equations for PBC in ABAQUS as below:











"Plane Remains Plane" boundary condition in Abaqus

I am working on micromechanics modelling of steels. I need to implement  a "plane remains plane" kind of homogeneous boundary condition on some edges of my RVE of Dual Phase Steel. How can i do it by using *Equation option in Abaqus? I want to understand what all and how the nodes needs to be constrained? I am aware of "Planar Constraint" plugin in Abaqus, but some how it is not working for my RVE, so i want to go via the *EQUATION route. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.


Thanks ,


SPH inlet & outlet boundary conditions for internal flow (dynamically creating/removing particles from computational domain)

Hi All,

I am trying to model internal flows using SPH in Abaqus. The current problem I am running into are the inlet/outlet boundary conditions. I need a way to be able to monitor the inlet and outlet zones and dynamically remove/create nodes (i.e., particles). Here is the process I have in mind.

Edge crack boundary condition

Hi everyone

i'm working on modeling crack in plates and i'm a little confused about correct boundary condition of a single edge crack in a plate under tension! could you please tell me which corner should fixed and which one should defined as a roller???

i also attached a figure.

i tried 2 kind of BC for my problem:

1- node 1: roller (Ux=0) and node 3: fixed (Ux=Uy=0)

2- i only fixed node 2 (Ux=Uy=0)

and the stress intensity factor calculated by these BCs almost the same!!!

[Abaqus]Residual Stress, Equlibrium step, Boundary conditions


Problem description: There is a simply supported(roller supports) shell element I-beam. There are lateral bracings too. All of this boundary conditions belongs to the Riks step(always last step in analysis).

Question: I have implemented triangular residual stresses by SIGINI subroutine, but I'm not sure what boundary conditions set up in preliminary equlibrium step. Should I include all of the lateral bracings in this step or maybe only roller support? 


Thank You 


Extracting boundary conditions from output database (odb) file using ABAQUS scripting


I am familiar with abaqus python scripting to create odb files and to extract nodal data from an output database (odb) file in ABAQUS. I would like to know whether it is possible at all, to extract the boundary conditions from an odb file. I guess that the boundary conditions are not stored in an odb file. But I am not sure. Any help in this regard ??

boundary condition in 3d model

here is a simple question

I have modeled the reduced section of a  tensile test specimen in 3D (a simple cylinder; falt surface in x-y plane, length in z direction).  I applied a load on one flat surface of the cylinder, and put the opposite flat surface as a symmetry plane. 

When I plot the result after the simulation of a tensile test, the cylinder moved in the direction perpendicular to the application of the load.  I was expecting it only to increase in length in the z direction.

Is there any other boundary conditions I should have considered?

Bondary conditions of plate segment


i'd like to model only one small segment of a large elastic plate. This plate is uniformly loaded by sinusoidal dynamic load.

The question is how i kann describe the boundary of this small segment, whose boundaris changes over the time. Is it possible to model the boundary conditions of this segment without consideration of its connection to the large plate.

I hope on your help.



ANSYS: melting using element death--how to transfer convection BC from deactivated elements?

I am modelling melting by element death.  I have a cold (melting) rectangle with a hot fluid convecting at the exterior.  I am using a do loop so that time increases at each loop.  I define a "melting" temperature, so that elements are killed off when they achieve a specified temperature.  

Boundary conditions given by functions


 I am using Abaqus/CAE to model the elastic behaviour of a plate. I would like to give/define a function to prescribe the displacement along one boundary, but Abaqus does not seem to accept this the way I'm doing it*. Can anyone help me out?


* on the Load module, I choose create boundary condition > displacement, then I select a boundary, select distribution user defined, and on u1 i type "x". I then get a message saying this is not accepted.

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