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State of stress in a Uniaxial Tensile Test

Hello Mechanicians,

I have a doubt regarding Uniaxial Tensile Test which has bugged me for quite some time. It may be a trivial one, but it goes like this:

"Plane Remains Plane" boundary condition in Abaqus

I am working on micromechanics modelling of steels. I need to implement  a "plane remains plane" kind of homogeneous boundary condition on some edges of my RVE of Dual Phase Steel. How can i do it by using *Equation option in Abaqus? I want to understand what all and how the nodes needs to be constrained? I am aware of "Planar Constraint" plugin in Abaqus, but some how it is not working for my RVE, so i want to go via the *EQUATION route. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.


Thanks ,


Periodic Boundary Conditions vs Homogenous Boundary Conditions in 2D RVE

Hello all,

I want to simulate loading of 2D RVE of dual phase steels, by giving individual phases properties, to get homogenised mechanical properties like yield strength,  % elongation etc, using micromechanics based approach. Litterature shows people have used two kinds of boundary condition viz. Periodic boundary condition and homogenous boundary condition for this case. My doubt is two folds:

1) What is the theoretical difference between these two kinds of boundary conditions? 

Helping to simulate necking in Tensile Test in ABAQUS

Hello everyone...i am just a beginner in using ABAQUS...well i have been trying to simulate uniaxial tensile test through abaqus..i was succesfull in simluating the plastic part in it...but i am not able to figure out how to to introduce necking and ductile fracture in it...i tried to incorporate ductile damage in it but its showing error in it...can any one tell me how to know the value of stress triaxility??...its showing error like  "plastic strain exceeded 50 times the expected value at 49 points"..and so on..can any one help me out??..i am working on ABAQUS 6.6 student edition..

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