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structural analysis

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Postdoc Position in Damage Modelling of Composite Structures

The Institute of Structural Analysis at Leibniz Universität Hannover invites
applications for a

Scientific coworker / Postdoc Researcher
(Salary scale E14 TV-L) (reference number 73)

In the section “Composites” of the ISD, a postdoc position in the area of modeling of
composite structures is available from now.

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PhD Candidate Position in Damage Modelling of Composite Structures

The International Research Training Group IRTG 1627/2 – ViVaCE “Virtual Materials and their Validation”: German-French School of Computational Engineering at Leibniz Universität Hannover invites applications for

PhD Positions in Virtual Testing of Materials and Structures (Salary Scale 13 TV-L, 100%) (reference number 75)


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2nd Workshop: Impact of mechanical and thermal loads on the long term stability of PV modules, 3 February 2015, Hannover


After the successful first edition organized by ISFH and held in Hamelin (Germany) in November 2013, ISD hosts the second edition of the workshop entitled “Impact of mechanical and thermal loads on the long term stability of PV modules”. On behalf of the ISD-ISFH consortium, we are pleased to invite you to participate at this event. This is a great opportunity for meeting colleagues active in this area and discussing new ideas and establishing links for future cooperation.


Structural analysis of a bullwheel on Ansys

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hi everybody,

I have some problems with the structural analysis of an drive bullwheel on Ansys.

How can I apply the load on the bullwheel groove

Tangential (constant) and normal components


I was thinking to apply the normal load using a prep>loads>define_loads>apply>FUNCTIONS but I'm not good at this option. Is it necessary to define a particular coordinate system?

Nonlinear analysis

How to define axial moment interaction in ABAQUS?

Coupled thermo-structural analysis of CFRP using ANSYS

Hi everyone,

 does anyone know publications dealing with the coupled thermo-structural analysis (direct method) of CFRP using ANSYS?

boundary condition in 3d model

here is a simple question

I have modeled the reduced section of a  tensile test specimen in 3D (a simple cylinder; falt surface in x-y plane, length in z direction).  I applied a load on one flat surface of the cylinder, and put the opposite flat surface as a symmetry plane. 

When I plot the result after the simulation of a tensile test, the cylinder moved in the direction perpendicular to the application of the load.  I was expecting it only to increase in length in the z direction.

Is there any other boundary conditions I should have considered?



I am using ANSYS for structural ANALYSIS, I want to add PML or absorbing boundary condition in my simulation:

I have a look at help of ansys, there is absorbing boundary for Electermagnetic domain , Structural fluid ,...

I am not able to find the absorbing boundary condition only for structural domain .

Please can sb help me to know that I can add absorbing boundary condition for structural domain in ANSYS?

the second question:when I want to add complex value as an input how it will be possible in ANSYS,

I am looking for PhD position in Composite Materials

Hi Friends,

Iam looking for PhD positions in Composites Mechanics and Manufacturing area.

If you happen to know any information, kindly convey it to me.

Please find my Resume attached for your information.


Thanks and Regards,

Thiyagarajan Dev,


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