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Multifunctional composites

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Experimental insights into magneto-mechanical rate dependences in MREs

Comprehensive experimental work on magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) just accepted in Composites Part B as part of our European Research Council project 4D-BIOMAP.

We provide more than 600 magneto-mechanical tests on an extremely soft elastomer (~1-20 kPa). The results show material stiffening of ~200 times for axial compression and ~10 times for shear mode. In addition, we conduct novel experiments providing unprecedented magneto-mechanical rate-dependent couplings.

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PhD Position in Composites and Additive Manufacturing at the University of Glasgow

The James Watt School of Engineering of the University of Glasgow is seeking a highly motivated graduate to undertake an exciting 3.5-year PhD project entitled, ‘multifunctional cellular composites enabled by 3D printing’. The objective of the project is to design additive manufacturing-enabled microarchitected composites with unprecedented properties optimized for location-specific structural and functional requirements for a multitude of applications. Experience and/or a strong interest in one or more of the following areas are

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call for abstracts – Multifunctional Composites

Dear colleagues,

I am organizing sessions related to “Multifunctional Composites” at the following conferences in 2014. I would like to personally invite you and your research group to submit an abstract.

American Society for Composites (ASC) 29th Technical Conference
Abstract submission deadline: Feb 1, 2014
Session Title: A03 – Multifunctional Composites (co-chair Dr. Jandro Abot)

Mechanics of Composites (MECHCOMP)
Abstract submission deadline: Oct 30, 2013
Session Title: #10 - Multifunctional Composites

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Journal of Multifunctional Composites (JMC) – accepting manuscript submissions for 2013

The Journal of Multifunctional Composites is accepting manuscripts for publication in 2013. Please click on the URL below to read more about the journal and its aims and scope. Articles belonging to the first issue will start appearing online in January 2013. Three issues are planned for 2013 (April, July, and October).

Gaurav Nilakantan
Journal of Multifunctional Composites

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Postdoctoral Researcher on Multiscale Modeling of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Multifunctional Composites

The research group on ‘Structural Composites’ at IMDEA Materials seeks a Research Associate (Postdoctoral Researcher) for a collaborative European Project in the area of Multiscale Modeling of Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Multifunctional Polymer Composites, The selected candidate will work under the supervision of the project leader to develop detailed multiscale modeling tools (micro and meso levels) to predict electrical conductivity and mechanical properties  of CFRP composites reinforced with nanotubes/nanofibers.

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