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Developments in Photoelasticity: A renaissance

Have you ever wondered that you can visually see the stress patterns live in a loaded structure! I am not speaking about the contours that you see in commercial finite element software #fea .

For e.g. see the colorful image attached. The fringe patterns are the live stress field around a crack in a loaded structure.

Find more answers on how to interpret these images using state of the art image processing technology in the newly published book:

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Defining perioidc BC for 1 element elastic model for Biaxial pull in ABAQUS

For simplicity in understanding Perioidic BC in ABAQUS, I am trying to implement in a single element elastic model.

Material is elastic. There are two reference points defined Refpoint 1 for x-direction pull and Refpoint 2 for y-direction pull. Please find the attached picture for clarity in the model.


I have defined the equations for PBC in ABAQUS as below:











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