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Webinar - Scripting: Automating Workflows in Simpleware ScanIP, Feb 8 & 9 2017

Simpleware Webinar

 Date: Wednesday, February 8 & Thursday, February 9, 2017 

Time: Wednesday - 9:00 am PST (West Coast) / 12:00 pm EST (East Coast) / 5:00 pm GMT (UK) / 6:00 pm CET (Europe)
          Thursday -     8:00 am GMT (UK) / 9:00 am CET (Europe) / 1:30 pm IST (India) / 7:00 pm AEDT (East Australia)

Patran/PCL parametrization

Dear imechanica users,

I have decided to learn how to use .ses and .pcl files in Patran to simplify repeatable operations.

In my problem, I would like to consider several beams of the same length, loading/BC conditions etc. but with different cross-section dimensions.
In order to make my calculations fully automatic, I have parametrized both width and height of the cross sections (as REAL a,b) and created nested FOR loops to obtain 20 different designs.

Extracting boundary conditions from output database (odb) file using ABAQUS scripting


I am familiar with abaqus python scripting to create odb files and to extract nodal data from an output database (odb) file in ABAQUS. I would like to know whether it is possible at all, to extract the boundary conditions from an odb file. I guess that the boundary conditions are not stored in an odb file. But I am not sure. Any help in this regard ??

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