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Issues with the implementation of Strain gradient plasticity framework of Niordson and Hutchinson (2003) in ABAQUS UEL

I have implemented the rate-independent strain gradient plasticity framework of Niordson and Hutchinson (2003) in UEL. I was able to validate the results of the shear of infinitely wide thin layer between two rigid surfaces (Niordson and Hutchinson, 2003). However, the UEL subroutine fails to converge for the more complex problem of the shear of finite width slab. I suspect the convergence issues are arising out of internal elastic-plastic boundary conditions and the yield criteria. I have few doubts in this regard.


What is the basic difference between Deformation theory and flow theory of plasticity ?

I am familiar with the flow theory version of the plasticity theory but still quite confused with the deformation theory version of the same.

When a material is modeled using a non-linear elastic model to predict its plastic behavior with no distinction between the elastic and the plastic strain, is it a deformation theory in that case?

Any elaboration in this regard would be really helpful.

Thanks in advance. 

Extracting boundary conditions from output database (odb) file using ABAQUS scripting


I am familiar with abaqus python scripting to create odb files and to extract nodal data from an output database (odb) file in ABAQUS. I would like to know whether it is possible at all, to extract the boundary conditions from an odb file. I guess that the boundary conditions are not stored in an odb file. But I am not sure. Any help in this regard ??

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