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Abaqus python script

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How to improve computational efficiency in Abaqus Cae

I am building a big model to select some specific elements using Python script in Abaqus Cae. The script runs quickly and the result is as expected in a small model. However, the computational efficiency in a bigger model is very low. The script has run 18 days in a Linux workstation with noGUI command. Are there any methods to set parallel computation in Abaqus cae? Thanks in advance.

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How to import edited node coordinates (mesh) to Abaqus?

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import modified nodes coordinates to abaqus

Abaqus Python : reading odb file for field frame data


I am running a python script to do some post processing on Abaqus odb file. While running it on Abaqus/Explicite output file I found it was taking more than usual time. And after timing the run I got the surprise that the most time consuming thing what just to read the time value for each frame. I have the script below.

def main():


how to run a python script after each increment in abaqus.

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I am doing static stress analysis. in my problem, I have to update my input file after each increment. so for updating the input file, I have to do some calculation depend on the output of the previous increment result. for these calculations, I have to call the odb file after each increment, do some calculations, update the input file and the process will go on. I have written a python script for the calculations from the odb file but don't know how to use this script after each increment.


thank you

ABAQUS, partitioning an edge

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone knows how it is possible to partition an edge in one step with multiple points (like multiple datum points or multiple parameter values)? I know how to partition one edge one by one. The problem of doing it one by one is the amount of time that it takes to do that. For example if I want to put 50 points on one edge I have to pick that edge 50 times and partition it, which takes a lot of time.

I am doing the whole process by scripting with Python so I would be glad if the solutions are in scripting format (I am using ABAQUS 2016).

How to generate mesh based surfaces in Abaqus using python scripting?

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I am trying to generate an element based surface in Abaqus using python scripts. I need to create this surface in order to create an offset layer of solid elements using the offset mesh method in the edit mesh dialogue. It is not possible to use this feature using geometry based surfaces. The surface that I would like to generate is not all in one plane, I think this may add to my difficulty (see image, part). If I were able to generate an element based surface from a geometry based surface this would also work for me as I can easily generate a geometry based surface.

Create simple ODB without submitting a job

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I'm looking to create a simple ODB file using my model in session so that I can display an orientation tensor in a custom field.  I'm able to create an ODB for a 2d part (made of s4 elements), but my system crashes whenever I load the ODB for my 3d part (made of c3d8 elements).

Here is my script. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


from abaqusConstants import * 

from odbAccess import *

from textRepr import *

odb = Odb(name='4',

    analysisTitle='derived data',

    description='test problem',

How to define node-based-surface in Python script?

I want to define node-based-surface in Python script to use it in *tie card. Please help. Thank you

Abaqus python scripting, booleanmerge section assignment


 I am writing a python script for modeling aggregates in a concrete cylinder. I have created a all the particles and and specified section properties to them and to the  cylinder.

The procedure I am using is to merge the particles and the cylinder while retaining the boundaries. If the sctions are assigned to the parts before merging, the result is the cylinder with the specified section assignmentsfor each part.

I wrote the code in python but seems like it does not include the section assignment to the new part from merge.

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sequential Abaqus input change


 I need to write a python script that changes the inputs in my MDB file and then runs the abaqus code and gets the output and then goes on with another sets of inputs.

Since I am quite a beginner in abaqus-python scripting, does anyone has any clue how to do this automatically, I mean not changing the inputs in every run manually.



Truncation of Displacement boundary conditions in Abaqus



Hi everyone,


I've wrote a script in python to create a model in Abaqus, run the simulations and retrieve the results I need.

I use the Abaqus python build (on PDE).


I experience a strange problem with the following command:


myModel.DisplacementBC(... ..., u1=0.123456789, u2=SET; ur3=...)


which gets translated in the input file like this:



myNodeset, 1, 1, 0.1234

myNodeset, 2, 2


Abaqus python script

Hi all,

please give me an idea(script) to create a "DROPDOWN MENU" dialog box to extract User input in abaqus. By using getInput, I can ask for the same but I want to do it using dropdown dialog box.

 thanks in advance 

Abaqus - evaluate stress at point (x, y, z)

Hi everyone,

I would like to evaluate the stress value (e.g  Mises) at a given point (x, y, z) within a 3D model. I cannot force this point to be a node. The problem is modeled with Element Type (C3D4).

Is there a built-in command I can issue in the input file of Abaqus to have Abaqus output the desired value to the output file?

Or, is there a python script I can use for this purpose?

Thank you,

Coupling Abaqus with an aeroedynamic code - PART 2

In a previous post some months ago (see here), I mentioned some of the questions I had considering the aeroelastic response of a wind turbine rotor. In this post I just want to give, for those interested, a brief status report.

How to execute a python function in abaqus

Does anyone know how to execute a python function in abaqus?

 For a script, I know the folllowing command can execute the python script

abaqus cae

But for a python function, how to execute it in abaqus?

Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!

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