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How to import edited node coordinates (mesh) to Abaqus?

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import modified nodes coordinates to abaqus

How to deform an existing mesh from CT measurements?

Hi all,

I would like to know if someone has a trick to deform a mesh generated in Abaqus thanks to Computer Tomography measurements ? 

The file I received from CT is a .stl.

Do you know an open source software that can compute deviations between point clouds?

Thanks in advance for your support :-D

a question about XFEM

Hellow everyone,

I've been studying XFEM method in Abaqus these days, then i want to model an inclusion problem to see the crack initiation and propagation at the interface. First i sketch a square to stand for a unit cell, then in order to assign different sections to inclusion and matrix, i cut a circle (circular inclusion) from the initial square. But when it comes to meshing, i don't know how to mesh the instance with structral quad elements independantly of the outline of the inclusion. Could anyone help me?

Fractal surface mesh generation

Saber El Arem (node/14053 ) wanted to know how a fractal surface mesh could be created.

I've had to do that in the past.  What I did was to use Arjun Viswanathan's 1999 Matlab snippet on creating a plasma fractal and write a wrapper around it to create an output file that could be read by the then available version of Abaqus.

I've attached a couple of Matlab files that should be able to do the job.   The .txt extensions are needed because iMechanica does not accept files with .m extensions.

Area mesh in ansys 12

Hello to all,

I have a problem in meshing area in ansys. I have craeted two areas perpendicular to each other in global xyz cartesian system. I can easily mesh the area in xy plane but if i try to mesh the area in yz plane it gives error message that the area is not parallel to global xy plane. I tried going for local coordinate system, but it is also not working. Can anybody guide me regarding this.


Thank you


Modeling post-tensioned concrete in ABAQUS

Hi All,

 I want to model post-tensioning tendons embedded with concrete structure. Both ends of tendons are anchored. Can anyone inform me what kind of element most suitable to model the tendons and concrete structure in ABAQUS? I tried solid part for both items, yet as the tendon diameter is very small if compared to the concrete dimension, the resulting number of mesh on the concrete structure is very large.

How to mesh squre block with a spherical particle inside

I have a squre block and inside it there is an sphere. I want to mesh the whole assembly. I can mesh the sphere but when i try to mesh the squre block with the spherical hole it cant mesh and says "it cant select the source and target face". I also tried to devide it into 8 parts. That helped me to mesh the sphere but i cant mesh the squre with spherical hole with that too. So please anyone can help me out.


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why not beam make mesh,shell make mesh

Mimics 11.1 released!

Leuven, November 19, 2007. Materialise
launches Mimics 11.1, the new release of the company’s medical imaging and
editing software. This new release builds on the last one, enhancing export to
FEA even more. Overall usability and performance were improved with some very
nice new features. Take a look at our website for more information.


how to mesh the volume blocks of different sizes glued in ansys

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i am doing my PhD in  "smart composites"

i am working on piezoelectric composite materails... 
i will be greatful to you if anyone can suggest me  how to model the piezoelectric materials in ANSYS.i am having some doubts in meshing and giving the voltage input to ANSYS.

if i directly glue actuator to the beam using volume glue  then i am getting problem while meshing volume as "invalid topology for mapped brick mesh". how can i glue two volumes in ansys and avoid the problem in meshing???

expecting a response ....


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