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The remarkable mechanical properties of crumpled materials

Mechanics of crumpled materials

Crumpled materials exhibit unusual and as yet unexpained mechanical properties. Through the surprisingly complex morphologies of facets and ridges formed in the crumpling of paper into a ball or densser materials, very high strength to weight ratios can emerge.

Fractal surface mesh generation

Saber El Arem (node/14053 ) wanted to know how a fractal surface mesh could be created.

I've had to do that in the past.  What I did was to use Arjun Viswanathan's 1999 Matlab snippet on creating a plasma fractal and write a wrapper around it to create an output file that could be read by the then available version of Abaqus.

I've attached a couple of Matlab files that should be able to do the job.   The .txt extensions are needed because iMechanica does not accept files with .m extensions.

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The physics associated with self-affine crack formation and propagation is discussed. Some novel concepts are suggested for the mechanics of self-affine cracks. These concepts are employed to model the crack face morphology and, in turn, to solve various problems with self-affine cracks. It is shown that linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) is a special case of self-affine crack mechanics and should be used only in length scales larger than the self-alfine correlation length. The theoretical results are confirmed by available experimental data.

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