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International Conference on Computational Methods and Simulation - ICCMS 2015

Dear sir/ma'am,


We are extremely glad to communicate that Department of Mechanical Engineering, R.V College of Engineering, Bengaluru is conducting an International Conference on Computational Methods and Simulation on 19th, 20th and 21st of August, 2015.

Is my work worth PhD ?

I am pursuing my phD in one of the universities in india in fracture mechanics. I have completed all the formalities of my university before submitting the final thesis report like completing the course work examinations and comprehensive vivavoce. My work is related to accurate stress intensity factor determination at the crack tip through FEA approach for a mixed mode crack propagation.I have taken a new methodology suggested in one of the old journal papers in FEM and I have used the formulae mentioned in that paper to extract the SIF results.

Area mesh in ansys 12

Hello to all,

I have a problem in meshing area in ansys. I have craeted two areas perpendicular to each other in global xyz cartesian system. I can easily mesh the area in xy plane but if i try to mesh the area in yz plane it gives error message that the area is not parallel to global xy plane. I tried going for local coordinate system, but it is also not working. Can anybody guide me regarding this.


Thank you


Stress intensity factor

hi all,

I am facing problem in understanding stress intensity factor. How exactly i can analyse crack propagation through SIF. In books it is given that SIF characterises the crack. But in numbers how can i know whether this crack will propagate for this value of SIF. According to westergaard equation crack tip stresses will go to infinity if θ and r tends to zero for any value of crack length. Please somebody help regarding this. If iam technically wrong please correct me.

Thank you


advanced ansys tutorials


Hello to all,

Iam in desperate need of advanced tutorials of ansys in non linear field. Can anybody if having please mail me to

Thanking you


Stress intensity factor for 3D crack in ansys

Hello to all the research scholars. Sir, I am a Phd student in computational fracture mechanics. Right now i am stuck with a problem where i am not able analyze SIF (K1, K2, K3) for a 3D crack in ansys. Ansys asks the path for K value and i am choosing 5 nodes along the 2 crack edges for a full crack model and I also went for both global coordinate system and local coordinate system for finding K. Finally when i went to nodal calc and SIF then it is giving only plane stress and plane strain conditions with full or half crack models. But I am not able to get SIF on the crack front as i am not choosing the path along the crack front. It is only giving SIF at the crack tip considering only the area. Am i not correct or does ansys has limitations on this. Please guide me in this.

PhD thesis Evaluation


one of my students is working on PhD topic " Study of cold hole expansion and evaluation of fatigue properties on critical aerospace components". His work has to be reviewed by professor of non indian origin in foreign universities. I request you to kindly help this student. If you are interested, let me know, so that I will ask my university to contact you in this regard.



Analysis of KII for Mode II loading using ansys


 Iam pursuing my PhD in Fracture mechanics.  The thing is I analysed a crack problem with straight crack front and subjected to mode I loading using ansys i.e Three point bending. I was able to get the result for SIF I (KI) in ansys. I took the local coordinate system at the crack tip using three nodes.

Analysis of SIF along crack front


 Iam analysing the SIF for mode I crack propagation in 3D model using ansys. I was able to get the kI for the crack tip for the first surface layer but was not able to analyse the variation in SIF along the crack front. Can anybody please help me with this.


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