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residual stresses

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On the stress singularities generated by anisotropic eigenstrains and the hydrostatic stress due to annular inhomogeneities

The problems of singularity formation and hydrostatic stress created by an inhomogeneity with eigenstrain in an incompressible isotropic hyperelastic material are considered. For both a spherical ball and a cylindrical bar with a radially-symmetric distribution of finite possibly anisotropic eigenstrains, we show that the anisotropy of these eigenstrains at the center (the center of the sphere or the axis of the cylinder) controls the stress singularity.

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Nonlinear elastic inclusions in isotropic solids

We introduce a geometric framework to calculate the residual stress fields and deformations of nonlinear solids with inclusions and eigenstrains. Inclusions are regions in a body with different reference configurations from the body itself and can be described by distributed eigenstrains. Geometrically, the eigenstrains define a Riemannian 3-manifold in which the body is stress-free by construction. The problem of residual stress calculation is then reduced to finding a mapping from the Riemannian material manifold to the ambient Euclidean space.

Determination of residual stresses by ESPI-HD method

We have an equipment and technology for determination of residual stresses. They are based on the hole-drilling method and electron speckle
interferometry (ESPI-HD method).

PhD thesis Evaluation


one of my students is working on PhD topic " Study of cold hole expansion and evaluation of fatigue properties on critical aerospace components". His work has to be reviewed by professor of non indian origin in foreign universities. I request you to kindly help this student. If you are interested, let me know, so that I will ask my university to contact you in this regard.



How to get residual stress, Given HV--True Strain Curve and HV--Position from the surface Curve?

Hi, Everyone,

     I have done an experiment, and got the HV(microhardness)--True strain curve, and the Cuver of HV(microhardness)--Position from the sample surface.


    Now I want to know how to compute Residual stress? according to the the upper information.


    It would be very kind of you to give any suggestions.  Thanks in advance.


    Best Regards


    2009.Sept. 17

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Post-Doc position on stresses and adhesion in multilayers (France)

Please note that a post-doc position on stresses and adhesion in optical multilayers is open. The position is for 2-years shared between SVI (Paris) and Phymat (Poitiers).

Link to a virus-free MS Word description of the position:

For further details and applications (cover letter, CV, statement of research interests):

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