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Determination of residual stresses by ESPI-HD method

We have an equipment and technology for determination of residual stresses. They are based on the hole-drilling method and electron speckle
interferometry (ESPI-HD method).

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This month's issue of SIAM news had a beautiful story of how one hard problem in mathematics was solved in less than six weeks using online collaboration. SIAM's story is not online yet, but here is another link to the same story .   SIAM news refers to a "super-mathematician" coming out of several individual mathematician spread all over the world.

I was just wondering if a similar thing is possible in applied mechanics. imechania seems ideally suited for that. 

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How to share any web page with annotation

Today I learned a neat web service, SharedCopy.  If you have a web page that you'd like to share with other people, you can click the SharedCopy bookmarklet, add notes and simple shapes, and send the annotated web page to other people.  It is easy to learn; see a write up at Lifehacker.  Here is an example that I made.

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An infinite whiteboard on the Internet

We mechanicians like to argue over a whiteboard, but we are often too far apart. Skype allows us to phone each other, and Google Doc allows us to write together. Both Skype and Google Doc work over long distance and free of charge. But still, we'd like to sketch a little figure and write a few equations. We miss our whiteboard.

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RSS feeds

What is RSS feed?
Really Simple Syndication, better known as RSS feed, updates posts and comments on your computer. To read RSS feeds, you will need to set up a feed reader, such as Google Reader.

Sample iMechanica feeds:

  • Front page, rss.xml
  • All comments, crss

You can also create your own feeds of iMechanica.

Other useful feeds:

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How to make long distance phone calls for free

Like many other communities, we mechanicians are scattered all over the world, often separated from families and colleagues. The Internet has promised for years to make long dstances irrelevant: anybody anywhere is just a click away. While nothing will ever be the same as being together in person, many Internet services can facilitate distant communication and collaboration. For example, Skype, an Internet phone service, allows you make free phone calls around the world. The sound quality is excellent.

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