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How to generate a permanent link to an article in the New York Times?

Almost all articles in the New York Times are free online, for about a week, and then go behind the pay wall. However, NYT permits readers to generate permanent links to individual articles. Here is a link generator created by Aaron Swartz. Paste the URL of an NYT article into the box, and click "Go". You will see a the URL of the permanent link to the article. You should use this permanent link in your blog posts.

How to find a post in iMechanica? How to help others find your posts?

A reader finds a post by a combination of browse, subscription and search... They are all free.


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How do I post a blog entry?

Free Tags: 

Everyone can register for a free account on iMechanica and post anything of interest to mechanicians.  Posting a blog entry is like sending an email:

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How to localize a webpage of a journal paper?

(Adapted from a post originally posted on Applied Mechanics News on 14 July 2006)

by Daniel C. Suo, Teng Li and Zhigang Suo

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RSS feeds

What is RSS feed?
Really Simple Syndication, better known as RSS feed, updates posts and comments on your computer. To read RSS feeds, you will need to set up a feed reader, such as Google Reader.

Sample iMechanica feeds:

  • Front page, rss.xml
  • All comments, crss

You can also create your own feeds of iMechanica.

Other useful feeds:

Subscribe to RSS - how to

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