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python scripting

Opening for a Sr Computational Modeling Engineer at Medtronic !

This exciting position is posted today.  We are looking for someone who has strong theoretical background in material constitutive modeling and has the ability to do user material coding and simulation automation through python/R/Matlab scripting.  Experience with shape-memory alloys is desired.  Below is the link:


How to generate mesh based surfaces in Abaqus using python scripting?

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I am trying to generate an element based surface in Abaqus using python scripts. I need to create this surface in order to create an offset layer of solid elements using the offset mesh method in the edit mesh dialogue. It is not possible to use this feature using geometry based surfaces. The surface that I would like to generate is not all in one plane, I think this may add to my difficulty (see image, part). If I were able to generate an element based surface from a geometry based surface this would also work for me as I can easily generate a geometry based surface.

Aqua load by python

Dear All

I am quite new in this area.

Somebody can give me an idea on:

How to impose aqua loads by phyton scripting in abaqus?

Thanks in advance


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Reading abaqus field output data using python scripts in an especial coordinate (x,y,z location) and not node/element set

Hello everyone,

I am using python scripts to extract the field output (displacements) in a nodeset (which was defined in the model) and it does not seem that difficult but I have a question regarding reading output data for a especial coordinate (x,y,z location) and not the node label since when you change the discretization you lose the previous node labels. Does anyone have any idea how to do so?

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sequential Abaqus input change


 I need to write a python script that changes the inputs in my MDB file and then runs the abaqus code and gets the output and then goes on with another sets of inputs.

Since I am quite a beginner in abaqus-python scripting, does anyone has any clue how to do this automatically, I mean not changing the inputs in every run manually.



Python scripting

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 I am using python script to automate a repeatative task. During this I am faceing problem. Please help.

I have created a sketch by

 mysketch= mdb.Model(name='Cantilever') .ConstrainedSketch(name='beam', sheetSize=200.0)

 mysketch.rectangle(point1=(0,0), point2=(100,10))

I want to take underlined numbers as an input from user for that i have defined variavles as l and w of cantilever. When I use this  

 mysketch.rectangle(point1=(0,0), point2=(l,w))

abaqus gives error during compilation.

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