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Please help with articlea


Seeking Help: Can anyone share a copy of the following articles: P.C. Bregman, M. Kuipers, H.L.J. Teerling, W.A. van der Veen. Strength and stiffness of a flexible high-pressure spiral hose. Acta Mechanica 97, 185-204 (1993) and B.A. van den Horn & M. Kuipers. Strength and stiffness of a reinforced flexible hose. Applied Scientific Research 45: 251-281 (1988) (which I had and somehow lost).

Thanks in advance

BC for open-coiled spring

Hello to all,
Asking for help with practical advice on simulation OPEN-COILED HELICAL SPRING WITH LARGE DEFLECTION (springs with ends fixed against rotation):

How to get OP=MOD with Python script in Abaqus?

I have the fixed boundary conditions in the previous step. In the next step I need to modify BC. For this I use setValuesInStep in Python script, but get OP=NEW instead of OP=MOD, as I want. Any idea how to get the desired OP=MOD by using Python? Thanks in advance.

How to define node-based-surface in Python script?

I want to define node-based-surface in Python script to use it in *tie card. Please help. Thank you

Abaqus equivalent of MSC.Marc's element #144

Hi All,

Any idea what would be Abaqus equivalent of Marc's rebar element #144? Thanks in advance.

Regards, Mike 

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