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odb file

how to run a python script after each increment in abaqus.

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I am doing static stress analysis. in my problem, I have to update my input file after each increment. so for updating the input file, I have to do some calculation depend on the output of the previous increment result. for these calculations, I have to call the odb file after each increment, do some calculations, update the input file and the process will go on. I have written a python script for the calculations from the odb file but don't know how to use this script after each increment.


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How to update nodal values of an existing Abaqus odb file?

Dear All:

I want to update some nodal values of an existing Abaqus odb file using pyhton script. The problem is I don't know what kind of commands should I use in order to do this task?

Another question is how to delete an existing FieldOutput variable from odb file. I know by using add "addData" command, we can add user-defined field to the odb file, but how to delete an existing field output?

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