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section assignment

Abaqus python scripting, booleanmerge section assignment


 I am writing a python script for modeling aggregates in a concrete cylinder. I have created a all the particles and and specified section properties to them and to the  cylinder.

The procedure I am using is to merge the particles and the cylinder while retaining the boundaries. If the sctions are assigned to the parts before merging, the result is the cylinder with the specified section assignmentsfor each part.

I wrote the code in python but seems like it does not include the section assignment to the new part from merge.

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Section assignments for large assemblies in ABAQUS CAE

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I am getting started with ABAQUS, and so far, I have had to assign a section property to every part of the assembly, which takes a long time for large assemblies. Often the entire assembly has the same section assignment. Is there a way to assign the same section to various instances?


I thank you all in advance.



How to assign the same section to many parts in Abaqus?

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I have a problem with a model. It contains over 450 parts that shall have the same section assigned. Is there some easy way to assign to all parts at one time? The abaqus version is 6.7-1.




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