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Cohesive element modelling problem in ABAQUS

Dear All,

I am modelling a 3 point bend specimen with Cohesive elements tied to the upper and lower halves of the specimen in 2d.

The problem is that the CZ elements perform properly only for a combination of element sizes, i.e. a combination of element size of structure and CZ elements, for instance in my case the structure/specimen element size is 0.2mm and CZ is 0.001 or 0.002. For any other combination the adjacent elements bend as shown in the attached image.

I will be glad if someone could explain this behaviour and the solution.

Research Position Computational Fracture Mechanics

A research position is available at the Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in order to conduct a strategic project funded by the COMET-K2 Competence Center on Integrated Research in Materials, Processing and Product Engineering in Leoben.

UMAT subroutine for 3d solid elements

Dear All,
I am okay in ABAQUS although trying subroutines for the first time.
I am trying to modify some codes available online, but the primary UMAT which I am posting here, is not working.
It shows no error in .log file but the job monitor says "Problem during compilation - D:\Abaqus Work Directory\Trial_user_subroutine\try\Umat_mine.for"

Please help me this, its very urgent.
Thanking you all,
P.S. The code is attached in .txt format
Here is the code

I want to know to do an FEM all frm scratch, how can I make or define geometry in Fortran.

I guess I know how to descretize and further processing but how can I make or define my sample for example(tensile sample) in fortran. 

getting max prin stress out by python script from ABAqUS

hi all,

some how i was able to make a model by importing data in pro/e and then in abaqus.

i have a problem now that I have to take out TRESCA value and max and Min priciple stresses, for all nodes.

i was able to extract coordinates by my programm but when i substitutes "S.Tresca" for COORD in the program, it doesnt work.

defining points in 3d, changing coordinates system ABAQUS script

hey guys please help me, 

 i need to define my revolution points i.e. the circle by x.y.z. coordinates and i dont know how to do that.

 if that is not possible please tell me how can i change the system to cyclindrical coordinates please.

please help in debugging this

please tell me the errors in this programme please


from abaqus import *
from abaqusConstants import *
import __main__

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