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Apply for a Postdoc through NPDF for Fracture Mechanics research

Dear motivated PhDs of India, 


There is an opprtunity to work on experimental and numerical fracture mechanics using the prestigious National Post Doctoral Fellowship (N-PDF) by SERB India.

The details are available at:

We can have a discussion for a topic in Fracture Mechanics experimental and/or numerical. The scheme is opening on 3rd July 2023. 

Eligible candidates may contact me at :

PhD Candidate required in Computational fracture mechanics

I am looking for a PhD candidate who will be sponsered by my Institute to work in the area of fracture mechanics. 

ABAQUS experience would be an advantage and concepts in fracture mechanics and finite elements will be desirable.

If you are interested to work in this area at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar in Metallurgical and Materials Engg. department, please dont hesitate to contact me at

Cohesive element modelling problem in ABAQUS

Dear All,

I am modelling a 3 point bend specimen with Cohesive elements tied to the upper and lower halves of the specimen in 2d.

The problem is that the CZ elements perform properly only for a combination of element sizes, i.e. a combination of element size of structure and CZ elements, for instance in my case the structure/specimen element size is 0.2mm and CZ is 0.001 or 0.002. For any other combination the adjacent elements bend as shown in the attached image.

I will be glad if someone could explain this behaviour and the solution.

Research Position Computational Fracture Mechanics

A research position is available at the Erich Schmid Institute of Materials Science of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in order to conduct a strategic project funded by the COMET-K2 Competence Center on Integrated Research in Materials, Processing and Product Engineering in Leoben.

UMAT subroutine for 3d solid elements

Dear All,
I am okay in ABAQUS although trying subroutines for the first time.
I am trying to modify some codes available online, but the primary UMAT which I am posting here, is not working.
It shows no error in .log file but the job monitor says "Problem during compilation - D:\Abaqus Work Directory\Trial_user_subroutine\try\Umat_mine.for"

Please help me this, its very urgent.
Thanking you all,
P.S. The code is attached in .txt format
Here is the code

I want to know to do an FEM all frm scratch, how can I make or define geometry in Fortran.

I guess I know how to descretize and further processing but how can I make or define my sample for example(tensile sample) in fortran. 

getting max prin stress out by python script from ABAqUS

hi all,

some how i was able to make a model by importing data in pro/e and then in abaqus.

i have a problem now that I have to take out TRESCA value and max and Min priciple stresses, for all nodes.

i was able to extract coordinates by my programm but when i substitutes "S.Tresca" for COORD in the program, it doesnt work.

defining points in 3d, changing coordinates system ABAQUS script

hey guys please help me, 

 i need to define my revolution points i.e. the circle by x.y.z. coordinates and i dont know how to do that.

 if that is not possible please tell me how can i change the system to cyclindrical coordinates please.

have to draw a spring and for that i know the points in cylindrical
system. i cant define in 2d as for less than 90 degree it will not be in
xz or you know like that plane. it will also be helful to define plane
if i can.

please help in debugging this

please tell me the errors in this programme please


from abaqus import *
from abaqusConstants import *
import __main__

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