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Scientific assistant – Material modelling and simulation

 Scientific assistant – Material modelling and simulation

With around 8,200 students, Brandenburg Technical University (BTU) Cottbus-Senftenberg is the second largest and the only technical university in the federal state of Brandenburg. It is a research-oriented technical university that offers excellent research opportunities. In the Chair of Mechanical Design and Manufacturing of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we are looking for a candidate as:

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Linking Abaqus 2016 with Parallel Studio Composer 2016 +Visual Studio 2015

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Dear all,


Any help on linking Abaqus 2016 with Intel Parallel Studio composer 2016 and Visual Studio 2015 would be appreciate.

(Note:I can't use older version of compiler as their producers (Microsoft & Intel) will not support liscence for older versions any more.)



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Linking Abaqus 6.14 with Intel Parallel Studio_xe_2016.compiler

Hi Everyone!


I need your help very badly. I am trying to link Abaqus 6.14-2 with Intel parallel Studio_xe_2016. I am not able to link it so far even though I followed many posts that are found on internet. Here's what I did:

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Abaqus DISP Subroutine

Hi everyone!! 

I am a student studying in Hamburg University of Technology. I am currently doing my thesis and want some help in finishing it. I am finding it a bit difficult to do subroutine in Fortran as I am new to it. I have tried learning from Abaqus Documentation but I didn't get answer to my needs. 

Running a job in abaqus using multiple user-defined subroutine

Hi everyone,

Im simulating a heat transfer analysis using 2 user defined subroutines (UMATHT + another subroutine (UEXPAN)), looking for a way to run a simple job applying multiple subroutines.was wondering if anyone could help out ,how can i submit e job ?



UMAT subroutine for 3d solid elements

Dear All,
I am okay in ABAQUS although trying subroutines for the first time.
I am trying to modify some codes available online, but the primary UMAT which I am posting here, is not working.
It shows no error in .log file but the job monitor says "Problem during compilation - D:\Abaqus Work Directory\Trial_user_subroutine\try\Umat_mine.for"

Please help me this, its very urgent.
Thanking you all,
P.S. The code is attached in .txt format
Here is the code

Run ABAQUS subroutines written in Fortran

Dear colleagues,

 I am a beginner in using ABAQUS subroutines, and currently come into the problem of running ABAQUS subroutines written in Fortran.

I have installed ABAQUS 6.11-1, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, and Intel Visual Fortran Studio XE 2011 on my computer. However, when I run the test codes, there are the following errors:

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