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Soil nail interaction modeling in abaqus



Im modeling soil nail wall subjected to freeze-thaw ( sinusoidal temp variation) by sequentioally coupled temp-displacement., using abaqus .i managed to capture the heat transfer and model the heaving. now im looking to define the interaction between soil and nail in order to obtain stress and strain distribution along nail. however, i donno to define the interaction and their property, was wondering if anyone can give me some advice over the matter ive mentioned.



Any help is really appreciated 

Staged excavation, staged construction ,abaqus 6.10, soil nailing wall, nail

Hello everyone,


I need to model soil nailing wall in abaqus based on staged construction.( first remove soil to expose the slope then active the nail and then apply shotcrete facing),

i guess its required to assemble; soil deposit(plain strain element)+nail (beam element)+ facing(beam element),

step 1; geostatic step

step 2; remove the soil to create slope

step 3; active nail ()

step 4; active facing

is that right?

any help would be greatly appreciated 

TUNNEL lining,

Hello guys,


I need to model  tunnel lining in abaqus 6.10. i'm guessing that its required to ;

1.reduce the modulus E of soil (relaxation) up to 40%- 50% (how can i do that in abaqus????)

2. active the lining (beam element+ assembled, am i right on assembly ?)

3. remove the soil using *MODEL CHANGE, REMOVE

i was wondering how can i model that ?

any help or suggestion greatly appreciated,


temp as a solution dependent variable in umatht subroutine?

Hey guys,

 Anyone has experinece using temperature as a solution dependent varibales in writing umatht subroutine in abaqus?

im my code,temperature is varying with time and also as a SDV.

any advice would be greatly appreciated 



Temperature as a solution dependent variable ???


i am simulating a heat transfer in soil using umatht subroutine.need to specify the variation of the temp as a solution dependent variable??

Anyone have any idea how can i do that in abaqus/cae or is there anyway to do that by editing keyword(indirectly)?

eny help is realy appreciated,


Hello evryone, I have a question regarding running a job in abaqus using UMATHT+SDVINI subroutines ( the code is written for freezing and thawing in soil ). I have 25 SDV's which i use *DEPVAR to allocate data card for state variables and *initial condition,type=solution,user to call sdvini, however,seems like from outputs that the variables wouldn't initialize by SDVINI.

abaqus multiple user subroutine- updating solution dependent variables

Hello everyone,

im running a job using 2 user defined subroutine,have a problem initializing solution dependent variables,i have 2sets of state variables (umatht=25 state variables and uexpan 38 state can i use *initial condition, type = solution to define them?? is it a correct way of defing them??

Running a job in abaqus using multiple user-defined subroutine

Hi everyone,

Im simulating a heat transfer analysis using 2 user defined subroutines (UMATHT + another subroutine (UEXPAN)), looking for a way to run a simple job applying multiple subroutines.was wondering if anyone could help out ,how can i submit e job ?



running job in abaqus with user subroutine

Hello evryone,

Im trying to implement subroutine umat and run a job.but im getting this error through  abaqus cae and cmd (attached file),was wondering if anyone could help me out?im using abaqus 6.10 -VS2008-IVF 11 AND successfully run some examples from abaqus verification.i also can send my fortran file ( .for) and input abaqus file for more clarification if you require. any help really apreciated.


thermal loading on soil sample

HI all,

im a new user of abaqus (cae,6.10) wanna simulate a thermal loading (heat transfer)on a soil sample?was wondeeing anyone can help me out? top and bottom boundaries have initial constant temp,the sides are adiabatic (is it by default for temp.boundary??)boundary ,in step one ,need to apply steady state heat in order to obtain the temp, distribution in soil sample.

after predefining thermal boundary and creating step for steady state heat and run the job i cannt get any result??i set the output too,i know thats a very vast question, please help me out


Applying time-dependent heat



im a new user of abaqus ,was wondering if anyone can help me how can i  apply a time-dependent heat to a surface?


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