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TUNNEL lining,

Hello guys,


I need to model  tunnel lining in abaqus 6.10. i'm guessing that its required to ;

1.reduce the modulus E of soil (relaxation) up to 40%- 50% (how can i do that in abaqus????)

2. active the lining (beam element+ assembled, am i right on assembly ?)

3. remove the soil using *MODEL CHANGE, REMOVE

i was wondering how can i model that ?

any help or suggestion greatly appreciated,


Abaqus 3d Tunnel model


im making a 3d model of a tunnel excavation and its subsequent settlement using abaqus.

i have made a model in which the tunnel is excavated to a certain section. but my problem is that i cant simulate the progress of excavation. for example a model in which the tunnel gets excavated in 2-meter steps. and in each step 2 meter of soil gets excavated.

i have searched the internet and i think there are plug-ins which can help doing this. can anyone tell me how i can download such plug-ins? or introduce me another way to model the progress of the tunnel excavation?

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