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Running a job in abaqus using multiple user-defined subroutine

Hi everyone,

Im simulating a heat transfer analysis using 2 user defined subroutines (UMATHT + another subroutine (UEXPAN)), looking for a way to run a simple job applying multiple subroutines.was wondering if anyone could help out ,how can i submit e job ?




Dear milad

You can put all the subroutines in one file one after another then attached the new file to the abaqus job and run it easily.

Thank you for ur response , i placed 2 subroutines in same file and submit a job,butnow i getting this error :

umthtPRF.for(334): error #5508: Declaration of routine 'SDVINI' conflicts with a previous declaration


im using umatht and uexpan (userdefined subroutine to  do a thermal-stress analysis),i have  63 state variables (STATEV), AND  using *initial condition, type= solution to  initialize the values of SDV's,put all of the in lines (8 values in each line),is this a correct way of specifying them?

any help really appreciated 

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