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Abaqus 2016

How to find normals stresses in the global x y z direction in ABAQUS?

I am trying to find normal stresses (in the global x-y-z direction) of individual layups (plies) in ABAQUS. While post processing I only find S11 S22 S12. Do I always have to use a transformation matrix to find my Sxx Syy and Sxy? Is there a GUI/ Command way to extract the stresses in each ply in xyz directions?



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Linking Abaqus 2016 with Parallel Studio Composer 2016 +Visual Studio 2015

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Dear all,


Any help on linking Abaqus 2016 with Intel Parallel Studio composer 2016 and Visual Studio 2015 would be appreciate.

(Note:I can't use older version of compiler as their producers (Microsoft & Intel) will not support liscence for older versions any more.)



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