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Run Abaqus from a Java code

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Dear all:


Is it possible to run Abaqus from a Java code? or is there any communication way between Abaqus and Java?

I want to simulate a simple problem and pass some info from Abaqus to Java code and vice versa.



M. Malekan



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Dear mMalekan

May be there are a lot of ways to link two softwares .... but my suggestion is to use an interface files to link your java and abaqus...

this interface files is not a complicated files ... this files is just a text file you use to store the data in it ... both abaqus and java read the interface data from this files ....

for example one file for reading stress, one file for reading strain, one file to tell abaqus to continue or stop  and one file to tell java to continue or stop....

I used this method  for linking matlab and ansys ... this is my own created method, may be there is other better methods...



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Dear Mr. Mohammadpour:

First of all, thank you for your help and sorry for late reply.

I found a better solution. I have written a python code in order to call both Abaqus and Java to communivate with each other. :)

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