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post doct.

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How can i make post doc. in another country?

How can i follow post doc positions available in europe or america? 


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You have raised a very important question.  If you want to sell a used car (or pretty much anything else), you can list the car on craigslist, for free.  A buyer will see the list, and contact you.  I've never used the service myself, but my wife sold our old car this way in 2 days.   When we first moved to Boston area, she also found her job on caigslist.

iMechanica can easily become the craigslist for jobs of interest to mechanicians.  Right now a few people have listed their job openings in the channel "job ", which is featured in the header of iMechanica.  Let us hope this channel will be used by more people.

Unfortunately, there is no really satisfactory way to find postdoc openings.  Some common methods are

  • Send an email to a professor to ask if a position is open.
  • Search on the Internet.  In the US, there is some requirement to advertise such a position.  But how people do it varies, which make the search ineffective.

I'd like to take this opportunity to urge everyone to advertise job openings in iMechanica.  It is free and it is read by many people.

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Dear Proffessor Suo 


I have heart very good news(elected to the National Academy)about you.



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Check at the following page 

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