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Thomson Reuters has released a new list of highly cited researchers!

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Thomson Reuters has released a new list of highly cited researchers for 2002-2012. You can find more at 

The following solid mechanicians have been selected in the category of engineering, materials science, or computer science.


Satya Atluri (UC Irvine);

Yuri Bazilevs (UCSD);

Ted Belytschko (Northwestern University);

Yonggang Huang (Northwestern University);

Tom Hughes (University of Texas at Austin);

John Hutchinson (Harvard University);

Gui-rong Liu (University of Cincinnati);

Wing Jam Liu (Northwestern University);

Nichlas Moes (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France);

Zhigang Suo (Harvard University);

Tayfun Tazduyar (Rice University)




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 Congratulations to all great mechanicians !

 I feel honored to be a master student of Dr. Nicholas Moes. He is one of the greatest teachers I have met in my life. He supervised me on two projects. It was a wonderful experience. Above all, he is a great human being.

  Also, my alma mater Ecole Centrale de Nantes is a great place for fundamental research in Mechanics.  

 I hope I will be lucky again to get an opportunity to work with mechanicians in this list. 


  Dibakar Datta

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Hi, Bang. Nice to see your post here. 

With my best wishes and congratulations to all the honorable scientists!!!


All the best,

Liu Gang

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