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Extreme Computing

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There have been several discussions on "Extreme Mechanics" in recent weeks and I would like to extend this topic to "Extreme Computing". As we develop materials that are more complex, hierarchical and are spanning multiple spatial scales, we will need computational tools that can describe them well. Fluid dynamics community has long time ago embraced large-scale computing of conservation laws of mass, momentum and energy. In mechanics of materials, large-scale computing is still in infancy. There will be larger and larger need for well resolved simulations of complex constitutive behavior for "Extreme Materials" to make real and transformative impact. Co-designed simulations and experiments will become more prevalent. With speed in development of parallel computing platforms, the predictive Science will become widely available. 

I have attached two papers. One is related to Cavitation Collapse and second to Multiscale modeling of heterogeneous hyper-elastic layers. 

What are you thoughts on "Extreme Computing"? 

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