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Egon Orowan

August 2, 1901 - August 3, 1989


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Orowan made seminal contributions to mechanics and materials, but his life is not well known among young mechanicians.  It would be great if you could upload his image using the button "upload image" in the header of iMech.  His photo will then appear randomly on the leftside.

Also, Ali Argon published an account of Orowan.  It would be a great service to fellow mechanicians if you could make a hyperlink or upload the account.  This way, when people click Orowan's photo, they will be treated with Ali's delightful and perceptive piece.  

Please talk to Ali if you could not find the account.  

Nabarro and Ali's account appears in Biographical Memoirs v70, 1996, several years after Orowan's death. This account is now uploaded using the method Professor Suo recommended. Orowan was a professor at Cambridge University, UK before moved to MIT in 1950's. He is known for his pioneering research on crystal plasticity among many other achievements.

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Dear Liang:

Many thanks for the entry on Orowan.  Can you use "ask question" to write an instruction on "How to upload an image"?  You can use some of the text on the page where you upload the image.

Best wishes,


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