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 Instantaneous Angular Speed (IAS) is investigated for last 10 years in Condition Monitoring. The content of IAS is coming from angular speed. If the time taken is reduced apporaching to zero, we can measure the angle travelled to extract IAS, or if the angle travelled is reduced to zero, we can measure the time elapsed to extract IAS.

Conventional measurements of IAS are mainly contact measurement, such as using a shaft encoder. However, the installation problems are still not been solved. It is difficult to find a place to mount an encoder into machinery. Non-contact measurement of IAS becomes popular in recent year. magnetic pick up, photo pick-up techniques have already been employed.

To reduce the cost of the hardware, and improve operation capability, another optical non-contact measurement of IAS is investigated. This method majorly employ a normal laser optical mouse to measure the shaft speed of machinery to achieve condition monitoring.

For more details, it will come soon.

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