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Teaching Mechnical Engineering in iMechanica is an Engineering topic or an Education one, or even a Management Strategy

To Henry and All,

To Henry and All,Regarding to Henry's distinguish idea about Teaching Mechanics in iMechanica, I am wondering is it an Mechanical topic or an Education one, or even a Management Strategy? The same phenomenon does not only exist in Mechanics education but also in all engineering fields.   

Why we struggle Engineering teaching?

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Looking for suggestions and comments on PhD research Project

Dear Researchers and Industry Engineers, 

In this letter I am looking for some comments and industrial supports for my PhD research on non-contact measurement for machinery maintenance.

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Looking for Suggestion and/or Further Cooperation

To who concern, 

I am currently a Mechanical & Maintenance Engineering PhD candidate in the University of Manchester. My research is focused on measurement technique in condition monitoring for machinery maintenance. My project is “Using an Optical Sensor to Measure the Instantaneous Rotating Speed of Machinery as Non-Contact Measurement”.

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Laser Techniques been used

I am sorry to say it is not laser photo pick-up.

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Reduce Time

The time reduction has two methods, including hardware technique based and software technique based.

For hardware based method, you can use an independent timer to trigger off the counter to measure the number of speed pulses in a suitable frequency, such as 1MHz. In that case, the time interval you obtained is so small that it apporaches to zero.

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Shengke's Research Blog

 Instantaneous Angular Speed (IAS) is investigated for last 10 years in Condition Monitoring. The content of IAS is coming from angular speed. If the time taken is reduced apporaching to zero, we can measure the angle travelled to extract IAS, or if the angle travelled is reduced to zero, we can measure the time elapsed to extract IAS.

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