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Laser Technology

material deposition to substrate simulation at ABAQUS


I am trying to simulate material deposition to substrate. In our case material is added to substrate  and there is a distributed heat flux with constant velocity acting by node by node. I want to simulate showing the added material in the simulation and its effects. There is a command for that called Model Change in the ABAQUS. So is someone familiar to that kind of problem. And also I need to account mass diffusivity while the material is melting.

I will be gratefull for any advice you can spare

Best Thanks

Emrecan Soylemez

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Looking for Suggestion and/or Further Cooperation

To who concern, 

I am currently a Mechanical & Maintenance Engineering PhD candidate in the University of Manchester. My research is focused on measurement technique in condition monitoring for machinery maintenance. My project is “Using an Optical Sensor to Measure the Instantaneous Rotating Speed of Machinery as Non-Contact Measurement”.

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