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Abaqus error help for radiation

I am runnin simulations for heat transfer analysis counting conduction, when I add the effect of surface radiation to environment with *radiate or *sradiate , I am getting the error message:

***WARNING: Temperature at 1 nodes has fallen below absolute zero. Increment
             will be attempted again with a new time increment. The nodes have
             been identified in node set WarnNodeTempBelowZeroStep2Inc45.


Making Animation at ABAQUS with multistep

Can anyone familiar with Abaqus animations? I have a multistep simulation and in each step I want to show different elements and then get the movie of this. For example lets say I have 1:100 elements: at first step I just want to see 1:50 elements at second step 1:51 elements third 1:52 and continuing like that. How can I get this animation at Abaqus. Is there a commond to do is at the input file? Or how is possible at ODB?


Best Thanks for your help


material deposition to substrate simulation at ABAQUS


I am trying to simulate material deposition to substrate. In our case material is added to substrate  and there is a distributed heat flux with constant velocity acting by node by node. I want to simulate showing the added material in the simulation and its effects. There is a command for that called Model Change in the ABAQUS. So is someone familiar to that kind of problem. And also I need to account mass diffusivity while the material is melting.

I will be gratefull for any advice you can spare

Best Thanks

Emrecan Soylemez

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