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Introduction to ANSYS FLUENT lectures+workshops


The complete Intro to ANSYS FLUENT training is a 2 day training.

1. Welcome and Introduction to ANSYS 

2. Introduction to CFD

4. Boundary Conditions and Cell Zones 

5. Solver Settings 

6. Turbulence Modeling 

7. Heat Transfer Modeling 

8. User-Defined Functions 

9. Advanced Physics 

10. Transient Flow Modeling 

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Teaching Mechnical Engineering in iMechanica is an Engineering topic or an Education one, or even a Management Strategy

To Henry and All,

To Henry and All,Regarding to Henry's distinguish idea about Teaching Mechanics in iMechanica, I am wondering is it an Mechanical topic or an Education one, or even a Management Strategy? The same phenomenon does not only exist in Mechanics education but also in all engineering fields.   

Why we struggle Engineering teaching?

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