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Looking for an open PhD position

Hello and good day, 

I have completed my Master in Mechanical Eng. (GPA 3.58) from the University of Malay (QS Ranking 114), Malaysia. I have published over 18 ISI articles about convective heat transfer, Turbulent flow and Eco-friendly synthesis of nanofluids in high impact factor journals. I aim to focus on any of the following areas:   

Opening for a Sr CFD/FEA Modeling Engineer at Medtronic

Here is the link:

Requisition ID:95396

Experience with phase-chase modeling or FSI is a plus.  

Please feel free to forward this posting to potential candidates.  Thanks!

Fluent Start up Error, Please help

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Hi everybody,
I have installed the ANSYS 14 package, All the included softwares are working properly except Fluent.
during start up the following message appears:

Loading "C:\...\lib\fl_s1119.dmp"

No error handler available.
Error encountered in critical code section

Hit return to exit.

Would you please help me with that?
Thank you very much in advance.
Looking forward to your answers

Introduction to ANSYS FLUENT lectures+workshops


The complete Intro to ANSYS FLUENT training is a 2 day training.

1. Welcome and Introduction to ANSYS 

2. Introduction to CFD

4. Boundary Conditions and Cell Zones 

5. Solver Settings 

6. Turbulence Modeling 

7. Heat Transfer Modeling 

8. User-Defined Functions 

9. Advanced Physics 

10. Transient Flow Modeling 

EFD or CFD Softwares Help

Please, I need some EFD or CFD software that has an Student Version. I have to make an analysis Solid-Fluid and vice versa, but i have no software to make that.

Now I'm using Pro/E to make Streches and statics analysis, but i cant do any EFD or CFD without any patch or software.  Anyone knows any?



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