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Reduce Time

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The time reduction has two methods, including hardware technique based and software technique based.

For hardware based method, you can use an independent timer to trigger off the counter to measure the number of speed pulses in a suitable frequency, such as 1MHz. In that case, the time interval you obtained is so small that it apporaches to zero.

Another, for software based method, an internal timer is designed to trigger off the counter to measure the value of angle displaced. The interal timer can be programmed based on freuqnecy of a CPU within a computer which is used to acquire data, or be implemented based on the frequency of oscillater within the DAQ system.  

Meanwhile, an internal timer is always employed to measure the time elapsed between two successive speed pulses. In that case, the software timer starts when the speed pulses is going up at the rising edge and stops when the speed pulses is falling down at the falling edge. Because the number of speed pulses per revolution is decided by the resolution of an encoder sensor in contact measurement of IAS, the degree presented by the speed pulses thus is reduced. Therefore, combing an accurate time interval is measured and an precise angle displaced, the exact IAS can be extracted.

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