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Abaqus UEL for coupled diffusion-deformation theory for elastomeric gels

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We have a new paper in IJSS that discusses details about Abaqus user elements, in the context of polymer gels, that may be useful to the community. The supplemental material of the paper provides the UEL code, some input files, as well as a short tutorial that should be helpful to others in their own research projects, even if not related to gels.

The link to the files is:

The link to the paper is:

Abstract:  The theory of Chester and Anand (2011) for fluid diffusion and large deformations of elastomeric gels is implemented as a user-defined element (UEL) subroutine in the commercial finite element software package ABAQUS. A specialized form of the constitutive equations and the governing partial differential equations of the theory are summarized, and the numerical implementation is described in detail. To demonstrate the robustness of the numerical implementation a few illustrative numerical simulation examples for axisymmetric, plane strain, and three-dimensional geometries are shown. For educational purposes, and also to facilitate the numerical implementation of other coupled multiphysics theories, the source code for the UEL is provided as an online supplement to this paper.

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