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Theoretical study of magneto-rheological elastomers

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I post the links to some of our recently published papers on magneto-elasticity. These are iron-filled elastomers whose mechanical properties can be influenced by the application of a magnetic field. A continuum theory that accounts for magneto-mechanical coupling as well as rate-dependent energy dissipating deformations is presented.

I also attach post-print versions of these articles here. Hopefully, they can be useful for some people working in this field.

 Modelling of iron-filled magneto-active polymers with a dispersed chain-like microstructure European Journal of Mechanics A/Solids (2014)

Nonlinear magneto-viscoelasticity of transversally isotropic magneto-active polymers Proceedings of the Royal Society A (2014)

A theory of finite deformation magneto-viscoelasticity International Journal of Solids and Structures (2013)

On rate-dependent dissipation effects in electro-elasticity International Journal of Nonlinear Mechanics (2014)

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