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Minisymposium at PANACM 2015: Smooth Approximations on Unstructured Meshes

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As part of the 1st Pan-American Congress on Computational Mechanics (April 27-29, 2015 in Buenos Aires, Argentina), Marino Arroyo and I are organizing a minisymposium - ``Smooth Approximations on Unstructured Nodal Discretizations: Finite Elements, Spline-based Techniques and Meshfree.'' The deadline for abstract submissions is November 20, 2014.

This minisymposium aims to bring together researchers who develop and apply novel discretization techniques that extend the regime of standard finite element approaches for the solution of partial differential equations. Your participation will enrich this minisymposium, and foster the mutual exchange of ideas in emerging computational methods. Further details on this minisymposium can be found at:

The abstract submissions procedure is at:

Best regards,

Marino Arroyo (UPC Barcelona-Tech;
N. Sukumar (UC Davis;

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