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Multi-scale nature of granular media

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I am happy to announce the launching of our website for the computational geomechanics laboratory at Northwestern University. Please visit the site at


Let us know what you think. 

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Hi Jose,

Those pictures you show are very interesting subjects. Did you also observe the occurrence of particle rotation inside the shear band in laboratory ? Besides the works by Oda & Kazama (1998), Uesugi et al (1986,1988), do u also have other references about the occurrence of particle rotation inside the shear band either within granular body or very close to the interface between granular and continuum structure?


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Hi Sendy,It is indeed the case that there is significant particle rotation inside shear bands. There have been both laboratory observations 
Oda, M., Takemura, T. & Takahashi, M. (2004). Ge´otechnique 54, No. 8, 539–542
and numerical observations using DEM
J. P. Bardet and J. Proubet. A numerical investigation of the structure of persistent shear bands in granular media. Geotechnique, 41:599-613, 1991

This is an interesting research topic; the last research I had known about in this area was a series of 2-D DEM simulations in the thesis of Nabha Rege in 1996 (see here) which showed the formation of rotation cells when homogeneous strain effects were filtered.

Cheers Jose.

Jose, I think the topic is very interesting.

I want to ask a question about sand modeling. Computer graphics people work on modeling of sands for making movies or games.

What do you think about their models?


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